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About Us

You can taste traditional meals of Czech culinary inspired by the ages of 1st Republic




Look forward to:

50 kinds of beers from around the world
beer from tank
original cocktails
premium spirits
wines from the most famous areas
homemade lemonade

Every night (starting at 8 pm) from Wednesday to Saturday live music!

You'll find:

original interior
the highest bar in the Czech Republic - measuring 6 m


Opening hours:
Monday -  Thursday 11:00 a.m. –00:00

Friday 11:00 a.m. –01:30 a.m.

Saturday 12:00 a.m.–01:30 a.m.

Sunday 12:00 a.m.–00:00


We also offer:

Lounge and restaurant facilities for family celebrations, parties and other events

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