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Traditional meals of Czech culinary - Bohemian ham, grilled pork knee, roast duck, cabbage soup with sausage, steamed dumplings and others
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You can find us in the center of Prague, close to Republic Square, just opposite to the OC Palladium. We look forward to welcoming you!
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Old Bohemian cuisine La Republica

In the days before the First Republic we can not speak about typical Czech cuisine, because Prague was marked by Vienna style not only fashion but also the cuisine. Outside of capital city Prague was not that much consumation of pork and beef meat, only during the big holidays and mostly in the winter months when the meat was not spoil, mainly meals included potatoes, legumes, mushrooms sometimes fish and poultry. Some of the dishes as potato pancake, dumplings and mainly soups as dill, potato and garlic is in the menu till today.



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You can find us in the city center at the Republic Square. We look forward to see you.

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La Republica

Restaurant - Beer bar - Music Bar

Na Poříčí 12, 110 00 Praha 1

GSM: +420 602 202 631

e-mail: larepublica@gastrogroup.cz

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